As the end of the academic year is beginning to come into sight, many of you are probably getting ready to move out of the dorms and into your first apartment or into a new apartment.  Moving can seem stressful at times, but after several moving experiences of my own, I’ve learned a few tricks that can make the moving process more manageable.

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1.  There are things you can (and should!) do early:

There are several things you can do ahead of the move in order for things to go smoother.  About 2-3 weeks before you move, make a “change of address” with your local post office and be sure to contact your utility and cable companies to cancel your services upon move-out.

2.  Pack an overnight bag before you pack anything into boxes:

Packing up and moving an entire apartment is exhausting, so chances are, when you finally get all the boxes in your new place, you will want to call it a day instead of unpacking everything.  Pack a small bag with essentials that will get you through the night.  This way, if you just want to head to bed and take care of things in the morning, you won’t have to dig through moving boxes to find your toothbrush and pajamas.

3.  Store seasonal items in clear storage bins to save unpacking time:

Most students move in May or August (or some other time in the summer).  This means you probably won’t be in need of your winter clothes for a while.  Save time by packing those in clear storage bins.  This way, you will be able to identify them right away and put them in storage or a closet instead of unpacking boxes of things you won’t need for a few months.

4.  Use toilet paper rolls to move necklaces:

Whenever I move, I string all of my necklaces through toilet paper rolls to avoid them getting tangled together in a jewelry box.  Cut the rolls in half for bracelets!

 5.  Use trash bags to pack up the clothes in your closet:

If you have a lot of clothes hanging in your closet, you don’t need to spend a lot of time taking them off the hangers, packing them, and then re-hanging them in your new closet. To protect them during the move and to save time, take a trash bag with drawstrings and scoop groups of hanging clothes from the bottom and then tie the strings at the top, binding the hangers together.

6.  Use rolling suitcases when possible:

If you’re a student, then you probably have a lot of books to pack.  When added up, this can be a lot of weight in one box. Make it easier on yourself by packing books and binders into rolling suitcases if you have them.  Pulling a suitcase is much easier than lifting a heavy box!

Happy moving!026


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