If you’re like me, you’re ready for warm weather.  As we (hopefully) get closer to sunny skies, start thinking of how you want to enjoy the sun with this list of things you can do outside without spending money!

volleyball courts 1.  Play Volleyball on South Green

Unless you live in a dorm on South Green, it is sometimes easy to miss the fact that there are sand volleyball courts on the green for students to use.  Grab some friends or just head on down and join a game!


Good Earth Farm2.  Volunteer at Good Earth Farms

Located along the bike path on the west side of Athens, Good Earth Farm allows members of the community to spend a Saturday helping with various tasks on the farm.  It is a great way to learn a few things about farming, and lunch is provided for you!



3.  Go on a Run and Make New Friends at the Same Time

Enjoy the sun and get in a workout by joining running club, which meets every Sunday at 2pm outside of Ping. Runners of all distances and paces are welcome! Just show up and join a group of runners who are running a mileage that you feel comfortable with.



College Green4.  Enjoy a Good Book on College Green

It can be easy sometimes to forget that Alden is more than place to study or check out academic books.  The library is filled with books for leisure reading as well! Stop by Alden, check out a good book and walk right back outside on to college green to read in the sun.  Bring a blanket and relax!


5.  Take a Ping Fitness Class Outside

Some of you may have taken fitness classes at Ping, but they are usually held inside.  Once the weather gets warm, Ping holds various classes such as cycling and Zumba outside on the patio free for students!  Keep a look out for those and be sure to give them a try.

Check out our blog post “Top 8 things to do in Athens,” which includes a few more free activities you can do outside!



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