Welcome back Bobcats! Hopefully you’ve had a good start to the new semester! It’s not only a new semester, but also the New Year, meaning some of you may have made a New Year’s resolution.  Sometimes it’s hard to

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know where to start when fulfilling them, so I went ahead and created a list of ways students can use resources here at OU and in the Athens community to fulfill the most popular resolution made each year.  So get ready…the most popular resolution made each New Year is:


1.  Staying Fit and Healthy

OK, so I’m sure most of you could have guessed that this is the most popular New Year’s resolution that people make.  Luckily, there are a lot of ways,

besides the obvious Ping and Aquatic Center, you can fulfill this resolution if it’s yours!

    • Join running club! They meet outside of Ping every Sunday at 2pm.  Everyone is welcome to join! Once you’re there, the club breaks off in to groups based on the miles the members want to run.  So whether you want to run 1 mile or 15, you will be sure to find someone to run with!
    • Join an intramural sports team! The spring season is offering sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, kickball, dodge ball, and badminton, so there are a lot to choose from! For sign up information and registration costs, click here: http://www.ohio.edu/recreation/intramural/entryDates.cfm
    • Staying healthy can mean eating right as well! So why not take part in OU’s Nutrition Counseling Program? Click the link for more information!  http://www.ohio.edu/chsp/ahsw/outreach/antp.cfm.  OU also has a nutrition club where students can learn more about how to maintain a healthy diet!
    • Exercise and diet are just two ways we can lead healthy lifestyles.  For other ways, and how to learn about them, check out OU’s health promotion website.  Here you will find a calendar of events where students can learn about many aspects of healthy living, such as having healthy relationships, keeping a positive outlook throughout your day, and gaining knowledge about how different substances can affect your mind and body.ohio-cheerleader-aliecia(25)


To view the calendar of events, click the link! http://www.ohio.edu/involvement/healthpromotion/index.cfm


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